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Yes, I’m a patchouli wearing, yoga loving, astrology obsessed hippie health nut.  And if any of that floats your boat, like, follow and hold on.  Cause I’m gonna blow your mind. (Mercury in Aquarius in the 9th, ruling my chart;)
I’m here to share practical, simple & proven tips, tricks & techniques that will help you find your center and rejuvenate your mind, body & soul.  So, no more fighting the current.  It’s time to learn how to ride the wave.  And the key to it all is staying true to what’s right for you.  We are all unique, and it’s about time we honor that:)

Yoga Therapy

for Pain & Chronic Disease


for Alignment, Clarity & Transformation


for Physical, Emotional & Mental Health

Energy Work

for Vitality

Spill the Tea ...

Pam Madill

It was a pleasure to be taught by Traci. First, at Gilda's Club in Barrie, as instructor for Alchemy Breathing. This class enabled me to move gently through distinctive and controlled breathing and movement. Helping me to reduce my stress levels and increase my lung capacity caused by a Cancer diagnosis. I was delighted when Traci taught me gentle yoga therapy with Alchemy Breathing in my home. Traci set up a specific treatment regime for me personally, after going through a health check. Traci reviewed these with me each time she came and adjusted the therapy, to make sure I was benefitting and actually able to follow the treatment.. During these sessions, Traci was always professional, kind, calm and took the time to listen to my concerns. I would recommend Traci to anyone wanting an educated, friendly, and hands-on instructor.

Lisa Brodie

Traci cracked open my awareness, offering an understanding of who I am, where I’ve been and where I’m going. Finding words for the impact of our reading is challenging because it was so layered, profound and insightful. I’ve been given a birds eye view that spans over lifetimes, which gives this one such profound meaning and clarity. She is a vessel of wisdom, insight and Devine mirroring, but also leaves you with practical ideas and invitations for a path forward, which is a combination that is very unique. I am deeply humbled by and also greatly expanded by her offering, her gifts and her magic, and am looking forward to our next session.

Nancy Collins

I have completed 4 weeks of yoga therapy with Traci Belanger as my instructor. I can’t say enough about how patient, knowledgeable and accommodating she was. I was given choices as to what fit my lifestyle and activity levels and she checked with me each session as to what worked the previous weeks and what needed to be tweaked or even discarded which kept me eager to do my practise every day. Traci made the practice easy to fit into my daily routine. I look forward to further practices with her as she starts into her endeavors.

Nick Chomyshyn

“My reading was rich with insight. Having always been fascinated by character traits we inherit through the zodiac, Traci put into words what I have felt for a long time. She painted a stellar portrait of the cosmic energies that govern my existence and drives. Undeniable truths. Both a humbling and empowering experience. If you’re ready for a more fulsome astrological understanding of yourself, you’ll know it’s time. I feel much more aligned and accepting of myself, my complexities, and my purpose after the reading. Thank you, Traci. Loved our session. Appreciate you and your work!”

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